Mars Base Pacman

According to the United Earth Space Force, Frank Devine owns two black-jumpers. And there is shit he can do about it. He would normally be expected to alternate them daily. When one is post wash and drying under the UV light over the toilet, the other he’d wear under his Surface-Mobility-Unit as he endlessly cleansContinue reading “Mars Base Pacman”

The Science of Fiction: Colonizing Mars

I just finished the second book in the One Way series by S.J. Morden. It’s good, really good. Good in that way that made me feel like a super genius for knowing how the plot was going to work out, but even as it was working out the way I thought, I was totally riveted.Continue reading “The Science of Fiction: Colonizing Mars”

Rare Earth

“Twelve billion dollars to shovel dirt.” “And finding the first Martian fossil? Priceless! Wouldn’t want to give that honor to Rover Two, now would we Commander Martin?” Tony Martin has a PhD in astrobiology from Cambridge and one of the worst attitudes in the space program. “Come on Bruce, you know life does not existContinue reading “Rare Earth”

The Rover

The rover had been given the command to stop five minutes ago. The new command was take and send a photo. All of the engineers waited. A quiet developed loud in its intensity. They have to wait five more minutes for the image to arrive. One of the junior air force guys tries to whisper,Continue reading “The Rover”