A Complete Stranger

His eyes open. But that is all as he continues to lay still. Peaceful, knowing he has eternity to bask in this perfect nothing. Yet something is wrong, it twitches at the back of his brain, nagging him to remember. He chides it back with, nothing is wrong. All feels right, and the air aroundContinue reading “A Complete Stranger”

Fight Night

Loud bass echoes. A fight breaks out in the back. The impromptu violence competes with the music in the lowest level of the condemned multi structure garage. The situation gets dangerous fast and a gun goes off. Following the shot, a shrill cry of “No, no, not Morris, no,” bounces off the cold, wet cementContinue reading “Fight Night”

The Curse of Nokis

Every generation Nokis is there to die. Why? He ran. According to Ares that made him a coward. Fuck Ares. Nokis had had enough. He is sinewy muscle and gold skinned from ten years fighting a war. The dirt and blood and disease and the constant pang of gut crunching fear. Injury and infection. BlisteredContinue reading “The Curse of Nokis”

The Rover

The rover had been given the command to stop five minutes ago. The new command was take and send a photo. All of the engineers waited. A quiet developed loud in its intensity. They have to wait five more minutes for the image to arrive. One of the junior air force guys tries to whisper,Continue reading “The Rover”

Saved Forever

On the third floor of a condemned building in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan you put a needle in your arm. Inside the needle’s bulb is black liquid, melted tar, heroin, a cheap high, five bucks a gram. You flash the bulb with a drop or two of your blood, it make no differenceContinue reading “Saved Forever”

Progeny of Daisy

Retired Navy Captain John Kelly has started his one hundred and twenty-seventh day in space. He has not slept in many weeks and needs to aim the surgical scalpel a second time at the matured plant in front of him, red leaf romaine. While doing so he hums a flat tone. The same tone heContinue reading “Progeny of Daisy”

Going Fishing

Harold fingers the button behind his ear. But he decides not yet. Maybe he can make it tonight without it. Harold is a veteran. He fought on Europa. He killed fish. He killed fish fathers protecting their fish families. He stomped on freshly laid fish eggs containing fish babies destined for fish sentience. He killedContinue reading “Going Fishing”

Repetition in Failure

  I place my hand on the pistol grip protruding from my jeans. The jeans that are a bit too tight. The jeans that sit under my jello like belly. The jeans that bunch under my ass and ride up my crotch as I walk. Einstein said, every moment, of every life, is doomed toContinue reading “Repetition in Failure”