Published Short Stories

Prey — A private loses his will to war — Omnibus

Less than Lovingly — a literary night out  — Caliope

A Fold in Time — A Sci-Fi, Timetravel, Paradox tale — Altered Reality Magazine (selected Writers of the Future #34: honorable mention)

Of Sombees — A high fantasy zombie story — Sirens Call Magazine

Algorithm of Solar Devotion — A caper in space where even the fabric between realities is stressed — Brickmoon Fiction  ~ Audio Anthology

Eternity — a weird cosmic tale of a man dying three times but only has to feel it once — Brickmoon Fiction

One Gnome, Two Gnome, Three Gnome Gone — A fantasy burglary gone wrong– with gnomes — Tall Tale TV

Odyns Reward — a Viking battle between brothers results in a meeting with Odyn and some revenge — Tall Tale Tv

Sebastian’s Baby — A lone survivor of a post-apocalyptic city must face a poisoned world, giant mutated creatures, and his own encroaching insanity. — Tall Tale TV

Tidings of light and Spirit —  A Novelette recreating the present, on Christmas, with Einstein playing the violin on the atomic level, all orchestrated by the unknown man –Brickmoon Fiction ~ Audio Anthology

Hellscape — Brooklyn is devastated by war and Yulia, a shrapnel wielding slasher — Brickmoon Fiction

2020 — The 2020 election has come and the results don’t sit well for the race of overlords stripping the planet to dust. — Brickmoon Fiction