Film Review: Ad Astra

Ad Astra means to face the stars, the complete quote in Latin means something along the lines of the road to the stars is rough. Either or, I love the title and with star power to spare this movie tells the story of a man searching for his pop, through space. I can relate to this.Continue reading “Film Review: Ad Astra”

Film Review: Jay Myself

Jay Myself made me cry hard. It’s a story about endings and how sometimes beginning can be a bit disappointing, especially when you are 88 and forced to live in Brooklyn. This is also about the city I love shoving its heart and soul away. Or in more technical terms- gentrification. Maisel is the centerContinue reading “Film Review: Jay Myself”

The Science of Fiction: Colonizing Mars

I just finished the second book in the One Way series by S.J. Morden. It’s good, really good. Good in that way that made me feel like a super genius for knowing how the plot was going to work out, but even as it was working out the way I thought, I was totally riveted.Continue reading “The Science of Fiction: Colonizing Mars”

Billie Wayne Coble

Today I am intrigued by the idea of executed-killer Billie Wayne Coble’s [BWC] military record. Vietnam marine vet and that’s all I could learn. Kills people for his country, comes home kills three more people before being put to death a week or so ago. His victims didn’t ask to die. But I am sureContinue reading “Billie Wayne Coble”

Luke Perry’s Last Gift to Humanity

When Luke Perry had a stroke, I dismissed it, thinking the 52-year-old would experience existential dread but recover from the experience. Instead, he died and I am reminded how mortal we all are and the lessons people leave behind. This actor’s death made me sad. I was in middle school and watched 90210 religiously forContinue reading “Luke Perry’s Last Gift to Humanity”

Joe Diabo’s Farewell

   Joe Diabo’s Farewell is an Andy Duncan novelette that provides a fascinating look at the long-gone New York City profession of sky-walker. “Don’t they build there all the time?” you might ask. And, “yes,” I’d say back, New York is a hell, filled with never-ending construction. One day they may have 3D print technologyContinue reading “Joe Diabo’s Farewell”

The Science of Fiction: Dark Matter

I am writing a story and find myself up against how dark matter actually works. I want the story to be as accurate as possible especially being the nature of science fiction nowadays seems to be coming from a place of real not fantasy. So when I think about dark matter I think about physicsContinue reading “The Science of Fiction: Dark Matter”

OverLord or The Assumed Adventures of the 555

I hate when I leave a movie wishing it had been different. Especially when it was decent, just if more thought had been given to X it could have been almost perfect. Overlord bothered me from the previews. Mainly because it reminded me of a video game I played once. I was introduced to CastleContinue reading “OverLord or The Assumed Adventures of the 555”

Buzz of Sweetness

We go to a honey festival. It was my wife’s idea, formed while in traffic day in and day out with the help of a blinking sign over the Lincoln Tunnel that told her it would be FUN FUN FUN. So she decides, “we are going.” The kids scream with excitement and I begin toContinue reading “Buzz of Sweetness”

The Day I became best friends with Robert Picardo!

    Going through my NYCC haul and decided to post some stuff I thought stood out. Sorry for the delay, its been a bit hellish around here lately. This post might also contain the worst video on the internet. I rathered watch the speech then film it, but for you all, I divided myContinue reading “The Day I became best friends with Robert Picardo!”