New Yeast

Mammals went back to the water as the fish came ashore and nobody much cared about the birds. They traded places these distant relatives who share a genetic link to an amoeba who thought she could be more.

“More what?” her mother asked her one Christmas, “what do think you can do? Be better then the rest of us?”

She didn’t think that, because she already knew she was better than the rest of them and their asexual nature. She needed to be more, she needed New Yeast.

Three Past Pets

“You will be haunted… by Three past pets… Without their visits,” said the Ghost, “you cannot hope to avoid the path I crap upon.



Image that inspired.



Carano Vs. Mouse

America is at war. People want racism out of law enforcement, elimination of destructive policies that benefit a select few, and a global utopia =D

People like Carano aren’t invited to come along.

Not for mistimed jokes either.

But for supporting the wrong side of history.