Review: JO JO Rabbit

I start with a promise. This review contains no specifics. I sat with an audience constantly chuckling, sandwiched between two bankers, and an empty bag of popcorn in hand,  (because the coming attraction were too long,) but I have to say,  seeing this film in a theatre with a bunch of people is the wayContinue reading “Review: JO JO Rabbit”

Film Review: Ad Astra

Ad Astra means to face the stars, the complete quote in Latin means something along the lines of the road to the stars is rough. Either or, I love the title and with star power to spare this movie tells the story of a man searching for his pop, through space. I can relate to this.Continue reading “Film Review: Ad Astra”

Film Review: Jay Myself

Jay Myself made me cry hard. It’s a story about endings and how sometimes beginning can be a bit disappointing, especially when you are 88 and forced to live in Brooklyn. This is also about the city I love shoving its heart and soul away. Or in more technical terms- gentrification. Maisel is the centerContinue reading “Film Review: Jay Myself”

The Science of Fiction: Colonizing Mars

I just finished the second book in the One Way series by S.J. Morden. It’s good, really good. Good in that way that made me feel like a super genius for knowing how the plot was going to work out, but even as it was working out the way I thought, I was totally riveted.Continue reading “The Science of Fiction: Colonizing Mars”

OverLord or The Assumed Adventures of the 555

I hate when I leave a movie wishing it had been different. Especially when it was decent, just if more thought had been given to X it could have been almost perfect. Overlord bothered me from the previews. Mainly because it reminded me of a video game I played once. I was introduced to CastleContinue reading “OverLord or The Assumed Adventures of the 555”

Review: Alexa (or: Fear the Amazon Echo Show it may take over the world)

We got an Alexia and immediately changed her name to computer. My daughter calls her permuter and is very frustrated it won’t respond. My son goes to the source and demands his mother tell it dinosaur when the dinosaurs stop scrolling. Some thoughts going in. First why? “It better give me the recipes without meContinue reading “Review: Alexa (or: Fear the Amazon Echo Show it may take over the world)”

Review: Patrick Melrose

To my left is an episode of Patrick Melrose on pause. It is the second episode of the first season. There is a door closed. Around is dark yellow and the symbolism at work in the scene previous was a salamander. I did not know of Patrick Melrose, the books, character or that ShowTime was producingContinue reading “Review: Patrick Melrose”

Review: DeadPool is going Vinyl

I saw a bit of Deadpool 2, holding off judgment until I can get a quiet moment to watch it in full, hopefully soon, Did note the humor’s ratcheted up a few notches. Heard it’s solid, from reputable sources (Reddit). I mean I do love Deadpool as a concept, but just not sure how I feel about characters sufferingContinue reading “Review: DeadPool is going Vinyl”