Depressive Disorder

The black abyss opens its gaping eye. The movement is sudden. From grey blur to living thing in only a single moment.

In the dry rustle of its raised lid the taste of oblivion is had. Oblivion fills the mouth with the bitter, endless void of death. Even through the world around. A world filled with glory and every variance of chaos, and all its possibilities of beauty, colors and happiness, the abyss sits just beyond, reminding one of the nothing that waits the completion of every task and achievement, of every breath taken, of every footstep.

The abyss is a reminder there is a meaninglessness in death that removes all meaning from life.

It gives sadness. It takes desire. Neither can be removed or returned.

When the black abyss closes its eye again, the world is left just a bit more bleak and difficult to endure.




Art by:

Francesco Ciampi

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