Hungry Hungry Universe (Art by C0laj)

As a force of turmoil and chaos, The Universe, the canvas for all things in existence to frolic on, is nothing and everything in between. As rumpled fabric, it does not recognize its moments as coming or going. The Universe is. And that should be enough. But as everything and nothing, The Universe decided longContinue reading “Hungry Hungry Universe (Art by C0laj)”


Bartholomew knows the group is in combat. He isn’t stupid. He is, in fact, the most intelligent creature known to exist. “Who cares,” screams the crude man in steel-plate swinging a rude looking cudgel to smash in the frontal lobe of the two-legged small dog-like creature assailing him. “Just do something magic and aim itContinue reading “Bartholomew”

#143 E. Rachael Hardcastle

Rachael Hardcastle is an fantasy and science fiction author, writing instructor, editor and publisher. She writes from her home in Bradford, West Yorkshire in the UK.  She has been a student of the craft of writing since early 2010 and published her first written work at the age of 14. Her webinar is designed forContinue reading “#143 E. Rachael Hardcastle”

Timothy Leary Invented the Internet

“Was it worth the wait?” The real answer? No, of course not, and it’s nobody’s fault, more a problem with the science of the thing as a whole. “Did you know Timothy Leary invented the internet, high on acid, standing under a full moon, howling like a wolf. Yes, he was naked. Yes, he wasContinue reading “Timothy Leary Invented the Internet”

A Soldier’s End

Once, their blood ran hot. It ran and ran and ran and no one could stop it. They died doing things they wished they never had to do. They were forced by point of gun to achieve whatever ridiculous thing that was asked. Take that hill, defend this bridge, shoot that way. Suppress, suppress, suppress,Continue reading “A Soldier’s End”


The kender looks like an elf mated with a squirrel. This result is a constantly fidgeting concoction with red-tinged fur covered pudgy cheeks and a tendency to steal- everything. The one thankful absence is a tail. Even without Arnold wishes, again, he could just kill the manic creature and be done with it. The reasonContinue reading “Crowded”

Complete Effort

When does reality breakdown? For Kristen it’s when he turns the living room ceiling fan off. Normal activity. Get up from couch at bequest of oldman. Reach normal adult male hand out to the switch. Grasp and twist and yet when the fan should stop the room begins to spin. Kristen would vomit but whatContinue reading “Complete Effort”

Kharmic GooGoo

A brief moment, a thought, a connection to something that was promised to be gone and your chance at redemption vanishes. Feel it? Good. You now know you came from another place, a when. With this sudden intrusion, the warm post-birth glow you were feeling should be fading and you’ll note the arms of yourContinue reading “Kharmic GooGoo”

The Illusion of Comfort

The pass is black with shadows. A bitter wind eats at the exposed skin of the brother and sister as they push through. They trudge through ice-crusted snow that breaks with each step plunging their legs knee-deep into the powder. Their homespun breeches and leather ankle booties do nothing to ward off the cold. MarineContinue reading “The Illusion of Comfort”

Out West

The remnants of the fort are five or six black ashy posts sticking stubbornly out of the rocky snow-covered ground. Twenty of the dead face the setting sun. They sit a cook fire. Staring mindlessly into the leaping flames, something bubbles. It doesn’t smell good. Nearby, meat rots. Gerald climbs the small rise, loose stonesContinue reading “Out West”