Proud and Useful

A journey can be counted in inches or miles, days or years , ease or hardship, today or forget about it. A thing is either built or never will be. But once built it is done. And once done it’s fulfilled. Oh, new journeys can be had, for sure, but they are never the same asContinue reading “Proud and Useful”

A Delusion

You know how things go. You see the way people think. You feel their feelings. You can use this innate ability deep within your soul to see everything, the future, the past, intentions, emotions. You know all answers. You decide there is only one reason all this is possible. You must be God. You walkContinue reading “A Delusion”

Quantum Mechanics

Some guess None know The math of me Is the mystery of you The potential substructure The comprehensive sweep The Universal Definition Of being Of Nonexistence Of Oblivion We own the Beginning And the End But not the between The system of chemicals and reactions Ruled by responsibility So Why cry At birth Why cryContinue reading “Quantum Mechanics”


Live to breathe Breathe to live One without the other and there would be nothing Nothing may be something something is always nothing Tangibility touching holding feeling having this is not breath breath is gone before the mind can tolerate the thought of not having it Life is what was what is never what couldContinue reading “Breathe”

Depressive Disorder

The black abyss opens its gaping eye. The movement is sudden. From grey blur to living thing in only a single moment. In the dry rustle of its raised lid the taste of oblivion is had. Oblivion fills the mouth with the bitter, endless void of death. Even through the world around. A world filledContinue reading “Depressive Disorder”