Proud and Useful

A journey can be counted in inches or miles, days or years , ease or hardship, today or forget about it. A thing is either built or never will be. But once built it is done. And¬†once done it's fulfilled. Oh, new journeys can be had, for sure, but they are never the same as …



my happiness comes and goes in fleeting moments best caught in retrospect these moments where truths are seen as eyes shut against the ever evolving nature of reality of truth of the ever shifting beast that is existance sadly this makes my happiness best left to flights of fancy and the absurd

A Delusion

You know how things go. You see the way people think. You feel their feelings. You can use this innate ability deep within your soul to see everything, the future, the past, intentions, emotions. You know all answers. You decide there is only one reason all this is possible. You must be God. You walk …

A Happy Guy

There was a happy guy He wore a toga and sandals  Had a goat And a small stretch Of land With a garden And a still Where he brewed barley beer He was Well regarded By his wife And his Children And his Community And then The Thera eruption Occured And His little island In the …

What are we

I Am going With Beings of corporeal light Trapped In fragile Vehicles Made of flesh And bone Undergoing selfish Journeys Of enlightenment In an infinite Universe Filled with every possible Variation of the imagination And beyond

Fresh Start

When the moon began to melt It cast a sickening blue light Mixed with molten orange over the night sky It made the air stink with burning ozone And heavy with the idea Soon the Earth would be void On its way to a fresh start.

Special Experience

I hear dying in New York is a special experience So many different ways it could go Can't say I recommend it though Might be hard to come back from


Live to breathe Breathe to live One without the other and there would be nothing Nothing may be something something is always nothing Tangibility touching holding feeling having this is not breath breath is gone before the mind can tolerate the thought of not having it Life is what was what is never what could …

Depressive Disorder

The black abyss opens its gaping eye. The movement is sudden. From grey blur to living thing in only a single moment. In the dry rustle of its raised lid the taste of oblivion is had. Oblivion fills the mouth with the bitter, endless void of death. Even through the world around. A world filled …