#164 Jillane Purrazzi

Origin: Stories on Creativity #164 Author Jillane Purrazzi, On episode #164 Author speculative fiction author Jillane Purrazzi joins me. Visit http://www.bryanaiello.com for links to subscribe.   On episode #164 Author Jillane Purrazzi,   Jillane lives in sunny Florida where she never visits the beach and avoids going out of doors in summer. She is atContinue reading “#164 Jillane Purrazzi”

Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction #57 Writing Short Stories W/ Avrin Kelly

Avrin Kelly joins me to discuss her process when writing short fiction and the mystery of what to do with the creation is completed.

#121 horror author Avrin Kelly

Origin: Stories on Creativity #121 horror author Avrin Kelly. On episode 121 horror author Avrin Kelly joins me. Avrin Kelly is an American author. She loves to read and write scary and/or bizarre fiction. Most days when Avrin isn’t writing, she can be found reading or hanging out with her little dog, Pheona. *** MusicContinue reading “#121 horror author Avrin Kelly”

Trial of Futility

He is too late. The smell of the spell’s components linger a moment, cordite and cinnamon, then even that vanishes, leaving behind only the inevitable and the only option left, prayer. His mouth already moves ignoring intellectual objection. Stupidly, he seeks help from up high. A god, demon, something just slightly better would be fine.Continue reading “Trial of Futility”

#116 A.F. Stewart

Origin: Stories on Creativity #116 Horror Author A.F. Stewart. On episode 116 of Origin, Horror Author A.F. Stewart Visit http://www.bryanaiello.com for links to subscribe. On episode 116 of Origin, A.F. Stewart talks with me about being a steadfast and proud sci-fi and fantasy geek. She was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada and stillContinue reading “#116 A.F. Stewart”

#82 Lee Forman

Lee A. Forman is a writer and editor from the Hudson Valley, NY. His work has been published in numerous magazines, anthologies, podcasts, and websites. He’s an editor for Sirens Call Publications and writes for the horror fiction website PenoftheDamned.com. He’s also a writer for The Lift, a story podcast with a Twilight Zone kindContinue reading “#82 Lee Forman”

# 81 Jillanne Purrazzi

  Science Fiction Author J. E. Purrazzi lives in Florida with her husband, and two cats, and gallons upon gallons of fish tanks. She is the author of the Malfunction series which won the first round of the indie shore contest (https://shoreindie.blogspot.com). Her newest effort “The Raventree Society: Season One, Episode One: The Strawberry LaneContinue reading “# 81 Jillanne Purrazzi”

Mirage: #8 Mary Shelley W/ Varla Ventura

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on my other show Origin: Stories on Creativity.   Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Itunes   On this episode of Mirage Varla Ventura and I discuss Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley an English novelist, short story writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer, and travel writer, best known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein:Continue reading “Mirage: #8 Mary Shelley W/ Varla Ventura”

Sebastian’s Baby

A dusty brown sky lays on the horizon. It’s a day like yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. Maybe it’s been decades. Maybe the sky was never blue and the air never warm. Maybe life was always this steamy hot, bleak emptiness. Sebastian isn’t sure. He is a day toContinue reading “Sebastian’s Baby”