Timeless Birth

The waves of eternity crash against the rocky coast of forever. The rays of love and acceptance are setting, but still wash a warmth over all. Soon it will be replaced with the blue moon of peace and serenity. A never ending cycle in bliss. A soft whisper caresses the consciousness. “This is the point between twoContinue reading “Timeless Birth”

City of Thought

“What is it?” asks the boy. He has asked many questions. “It is the city that houses the intellect of the Universe,” says the old man who holds his hand. He is patient and kind and has been answering the boy’s every query since their journey began many moments ago. Time is an illusion. TheyContinue reading “City of Thought”

A Delusion

You know how things go. You see the way people think. You feel their feelings. You can use this innate ability deep within your soul to see everything, the future, the past, intentions, emotions. You know all answers. You decide there is only one reason all this is possible. You must be God. You walkContinue reading “A Delusion”


Live to breathe Breathe to live One without the other and there would be nothing Nothing may be something something is always nothing Tangibility touching holding feeling having this is not breath breath is gone before the mind can tolerate the thought of not having it Life is what was what is never what couldContinue reading “Breathe”

Depressive Disorder

The black abyss opens its gaping eye. The movement is sudden. From grey blur to living thing in only a single moment. In the dry rustle of its raised lid the taste of oblivion is had. Oblivion fills the mouth with the bitter, endless void of death. Even through the world around. A world filledContinue reading “Depressive Disorder”