The Moon

The moon glows, spotted, and crevassed. A nameless hominid stares at the lunar splendor speculative as it waxes the small world of his tribe into a new hunting season.



Hell is, knowing that things end because that's what they do. They end and change and become something different. It is both the curse and a blessing of existence. It's after his last death that things switched from normal to this, surrounded by a nothing, a purple nothing that felt like static or white noise …

Daddy Issues

"You know what's stupid?" "What?" "This ship," Bruno screeches as the shuttle shimmies in response to a psionic shock wave. He jerks the control stick to avoid a cephalopod tentacle and the Errant Knight barrel-rolls to the starboard. "Any other design we'd be invisible." "But we're not and go fuck yourself.' For Lei, this ship …