Social Dynamics

I’ve noticed Imperfection is best friends with reinvention

They go everywhere together

There is no place for perfection though

And that bitch knows it

Keeps threatening to show up

Then flakes


Even refuses to have a real definition of expectations

And leaves

Everything to



I doubt.
That’s what I do.
I am always the reason why.
The fault lies with me.
Blame can go no further.
No one can get more wrong than I can.
But seriously,

Upon Tomorrow


The world is much the same

Years have compiled

And so has debt




All obligation

eventually to be collected 

but only once, upon


An End of One’s Own

They walk to the edge, and I watch.

Yes, it may smell for a while and those that remain may beat their breast and blame themselves, but at the end of the day—

—I neither made the cliff nor suggested they jump.

We only live once

and the path to the end is our own.


I surf the kinetic energy of the zeitgeist, looking for that book that won’t let go, I need it, want it, but I never throw away a book that isn’t working.

No, I lie to it and say, I’ll be back later sweetums. I promise.


This is a hero.
She went for no other reason than the world is wrong
and wants it fixed.
She doesn’t get a retirement check someday
or college money
or because the judge said.
She went to demand we heal what’s sick
Fuck, where are my balls to do the same!

An Idea

not there

mental fog

gone forever