Once in Love

Everyting ends Which is sad but remember It is also a new Beginning so Buck up little soldier The battle continues


Feast of Foul Funk

i wonder does Madonna's shoulder taste like dandruff and sweat or the dirty polluted East Village music scene likely it doesn't matter if she's sharing


as a youth i lived in the sun and played with fire When i became an adult the sparkle dwindled and whats left now is only smoke stained ashes.

Deeply Held Nightmares

In dark shadows and Murky deapth Sharp teeth with Brusing bite Useless fight Stength ebbs Preassure builds Punch of opportunists The pull of flesh The tight band of death Cascading Over soft eyes and Realization This is it Nothing Left but Lungs sucking At Adam's Ale.


my happiness comes and goes in fleeting moments best caught in retrospect these moments where truths are seen as eyes shut against the ever evolving nature of reality of truth of the ever shifting beast that is existance sadly this makes my happiness best left to flights of fancy and the absurd

A Storm

Humidity Like hell on the skin A storm is coming Sky turns black Streaked With white lightening Filled With angry gales. Frightened Squawk of seagulls Abates And so The slow wash Of the water Lapping up onto the beach Becomes urgent This is nothing To Worry About Though Storms happen Because It is July Today …