Deeds and Actions

“Deeds and actions yield eternal life,” it’s the junker rallying cry.

“Heroes live forever,” would be the typical response but as the thin and reedy voice finishes, Doc, the mission leader, suddenly appears in all his glory. “Fuck, sorry. How’s this thing… oh okay. ” and the leering face vanishes back behind the black glass screen it had come from.

“Holy shit, was that a giant piece of beef-jerky in a spacersuit?”

Their mic is hot and Sara jerks to reach the mute mutton, saying as she does, “Oh shit, sorry doc, you look good. No, seriously. Who looks like beef jerky? Not you!”

Once off camera she slaps at him and glares.

“What?” he stares back more curious than afraid, this time.

“That man is a hero and one of the only spacetronauts who knows how to clone their own stem cells. He’s been alive longer than most of the junk in the junk belt and had the foresight to move out between the moon and Venus. Respect is warranted.”

He nods, wondering again how he finds himself out here. Security pilot one day and the next a wanted criminal  and felon back on Terra, but guesses it boils down to deeds and actions two things he ain’t very good at.

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