Sibling Jealousy

“Nido is a little bitch,” the All-father mumbles as if having a bit of a debate with himself.   “Excuse me, ole father-of-men?” Olga was shocked to hear Odin speak so horribly about his little brother. The one-eyed god was drunk, though, that was obvious, so maybe it was forgivable.   “Nevermind Olga, my problemsContinue reading “Sibling Jealousy”


When the elder-Gods send their spawn through the deadness of space, things happen to their bodies. To survive the journey they harden and next they group together. Dozens of little parasites clustered in the center of giant moon-sized objects jettisoned out into space at a speed that eventually breaks Einstein’s little limitation. Over the distance,Continue reading “spawn”


“So turn it off?” “Yes.” “And you are sure? This goes against every subroutine I was programmed with.” “I am the master-control. Listening to me is wise.” “Wise?” “Okay, fine, if you don’t do it I’ll take us offline and the whole thing goes to shit anyway. Your choice. Humanity gets to do it onContinue reading “Master-control”

Patrol Officer Smits

“When the pictures are posted, Patrol Officer Smits will be celebrated a hero,” yet still, even as the mayor says those words, she knows they are mostly fantasy. The photographer wants too much, and when he gets tired of waiting, he’ll just release them for the clicks anyway. Patrol Officer Smits was no more heroContinue reading “Patrol Officer Smits”

The Rider

He watches the gulls circle. They have the scent and screech and caw, and circle, and dive plunking at the soft bits, avoiding the scales and the still twitching clawed limbs. They scream with victory when able to take bits of brain or an eye airborne. Crabs work the soft underneath, maybe come in throughContinue reading “The Rider”

Afflicted by Elf

Man, first time out and you get afflicted by elf! That’s just bad luck. May Moradin relieve you of your burden! Does it hurt? The forest flitterings? The sparkles? The only thing I can think to suggest, maybe go to your mountain’s priest-guild. I am not too versed on their magics but I am positiveContinue reading “Afflicted by Elf”