avoiding the draft

The best way to avoid the draft

Is to a be a coward

And hide from duty

And obligation

While the rest

Of your generation

Catches bullets

And wastes

Their youth

For fat old men

In Washington

Who wage war

Against other fat



In places

That feel far away

This is the way

You avoid the pain

And sacrifice

Of military obligation

By slinking

Through the shadows

Looking for excuses

To keep

You from battle

Building lies

Building a life

Unworthy of respect

You shun

Your brothers

And sisters

Willing to take

Your place

You shun life

And meeting

The challenge

Of being part of

Something greater

Then yourself

You value

Your selfish existence

You hoard your days

Many go the route

Of getting an education

Until they run out of degrees

And then seek public service

And suck on the tit of society

That spends other people’s

Lives like currency


You look at it

To avoid the draft

You run

And look

For cracks

To crawl


Like a cockroach


Of the light

Don’t look back

Dont regret

Because death

And combat

Are nightmares

You’d rather not face

All the while ignoring

The irony that everyday

You get closer

And closer

To your final moment

A moment nothing

Will keep away

Not avoiding a draft

Not boatloads of chemo

Not surgery

Or even denial

We all are forever faced

With the ether of death

No matter what

Death comes for us all

Drafted and

Undrafted alike


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