The Meaning of Life


Art by – P. Carril -ESA


There is no specific meaning.

Maybe that’s not true, maybe the meaning of life is survival and trying your very best to be the best you possible.

In that we each get to make our own purpose. We get to define our own individual excellence.

As animals our basic drive is to be fit, make babies, raise them so they can produce babies of their own, basically live to fuck and propagate the species. Then we die because we are finite and fragile.

That’s simple. But we are unique to pure animals because we can define our “self.” We are important to ourselves. We seek happiness and a higher state of fulfillment.

It’s hard to be sentient beings. We navigate pure chaos. Earthquakes, inclimate weather, space debris, human on human violence, animal on human violence, any decision we make can be sidetracked by the decision of someone or something else. Our existence is defined by the intersection of innumerable things. We zig instead of zag and our whole story changes.

Be brave, fight through your weaknesses, recognize where you can make a difference and try to love as many people and things as you can and everyday be as good and do as well as you can.

If death is oblivion it’s what we leave behind that matters most and that means how we handle the giant asteroid heading straight towards us.

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