My thoughts: Star Wars Rogue One


Somewhere along the way people forgot Star Wars wasn’t a great movie, it was great escapism.

For Rogue One movie I was able to escape my twins, get a bottomless bucket of popcorn, M&Ms and omfg are those Reeses Pieces!? I got to pour a gigantic CHERRY DR. PEPPER, myself, with no ice, oh what a world! Then I found a place to sit, alone, isolated and peaceful in the dark theatre in my favorite sit mid way down the last row right under the projector and then lose myself in a food orgy with a Star Wars movie playing in the back ground.


After which I of course ran home in tears and immediately told my wife all about my food transgressions, this happened more out of fear she would find out on her own and the punishment would be 3000 times worse.

Still, in between fists filled with sin I remember stuff happening, which after I thought made ‘A New Hope,” a better movie.

Tarkinstein did not bother me, because, well,  I was too busy wondering if the people sitting three rows down and near the aisle were getting annoyed with my constant crunching of carefully planned hand fills of corn and candy.

I now know the female character is named Jinn only because I have listen to about five spolercasts on this movie by now.

Was it good?

Did it satisfy?

I write stories that no one is paying  for, let alone giving me hundreds of millions of dollars to tell. Maybe its not my place to judge the attempt.

But in my many years I have learned:  Expectation when it meets reality rarely satiate if the desire is too strong and stale popcorn and mass produced chocolates are definitely a mistake, but this movie gave me nostalgia driven escapism and was loud and fun and the robot made me laugh.

It adds to a universe already bursting with badly written novels and adequately drawn comics and movies that I think may have won an award for lighting or something.

Hating on something like this is like hating on my childhood. My expectations were met I got to see a star wars film I had never sen before. That’s pretty cool.

I think what I like about this stuff is how any new nuance feeds conversation.  And nowadays any conversation that doesn’t include the word Trump, nuclear Armageddon, or Wall Street is a good thing.

No doubt history will remember this movie fondly, and maybe John Williams should have given the music a bit of a clean up just for old times sake, it did get a little John Denver from Mars for me, but it was fun and I cant wait to bring my kids and my wife next to VIII.

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