Fanning Through the Universe

When does reality breakdown?

For Kristen it’s when he turns the living room ceiling fan off.

Normal activity. Get up from couch at bequest of oldman. Reach normal adult male hand out to the switch. Grasp and twist and yet when the fan should stop the room begins to spin.

Kristen would vomit but what once was stomach quickly becomes swirling atoms and quarks and protons that collide against one another causing explosions yielding universes of Kristens spinning in a room on a planet in a universe in realities breaking down.

Kristen does wish he could take it back. Not click the fan off as oldman asked, say no, oldman! It’s my turn to sit on the couch and not get turned into an infinite speck of nothing in a failing universe. I will not be the causation of my own doom.

And somehow he manages to say this all out loud.

“No, seriously dude, if you want another hit, turn the fan off. It keeps blowing out the lighter.”

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