Shit, death is painless. Here among nothing pointed to the cliche of an afterlife, a bright light. He smells nothing. He feels nothing. But he knows he is and that is enough to give him confidence as images from his life begin to bombard him. Birth, bloody mess that was, mother- white with exhaustion andContinue reading “Repercussions”


Forever with a Red Sun

It was here, he is sure of that because he is always sure of everything. He sighs indifferent. It looked much different long ago. Now it was brown and fossilized by the radiation hitting it from space. It was here on this small beach, so long ago it doesn’t matter. They were doing the impossible;Continue reading “Forever with a Red Sun”

Pieces of a Dragon

Leon falls through the flame weakened floor. It’s completely his fault. He wasn’t paying attention, which, unfortunately, as an investigator for the FDNY, is his job. Paying attention and seeing minute details mitigates danger. It’s why he makes big-boy money and gets to think maybe this is his last year in New Suck City. ThereContinue reading “Pieces of a Dragon”

Another Ending

Ash falls. The bitter flakes of stone, wood, and human taste bitter in Jon Snow’s mouth and sting his already sleep-deprived eyes. Everything feels broken, the world mostly. He gave her his pledge. Granted it was a pledge he long ago sullied with a beautiful wildling girl named Ygritte, but still, he bent the knee.Continue reading “Another Ending”

The Lighthouse Keeper

In light cast from a sun just on the cusp of the other side of the world, the West Quoddy lighthouse keeper walks his beach South from the Eastern most point in the united states. He follows the sound of an incessant horn blaring over and over again. His light, a beacon for those desperateContinue reading “The Lighthouse Keeper”

Complete Effort

When does reality breakdown? For Kristen it’s when he turns the living room ceiling fan off. Normal activity. Get up from couch at bequest of oldman. Reach normal adult male hand out to the switch. Grasp and twist and yet when the fan should stop the room begins to spin. Kristen would vomit but whatContinue reading “Complete Effort”

Missed Buses

The heat from the Santiago city bus assaults her face as it zooms away. She lowers her hand still in its futile desperate wave hoping to gain the driver’s attention. Sadly she knows she had succeeded but the driver just scoffed at her while shoving the gear-selector into second before leaving them in a cloudContinue reading “Missed Buses”