Missed Buses

The heat from the Santiago city bus assaults her face as it zooms away. She lowers her hand still in its futile desperate wave hoping to gain the driver’s attention. Sadly she knows she had succeeded but the driver just scoffed at her while shoving the gear-selector into second before leaving them in a cloudContinue reading “Missed Buses”


The Man With No Class

Sven is a good looking guy who people say smells nice. A little like musk and tuber. It’s pretty much all he has going for him. He can smile and be nonoffensive in a closed in space. With the threat of his looming dark side always there, he’ll take what he can get. On thisContinue reading “The Man With No Class”

Crash Course in Landing

With a jolt, he is awake and watches the injector needle pull cleanly from his chest as white-hot adrenaline courses through his veins. “Welcome back sir, we will be crashing shortly,” claims the jovial west-country-accented voice of his ship’s system. Around him is the cyro-chamber and the stench of the chemical bath he called home forContinue reading “Crash Course in Landing”

Jack Kelly Comes home

Stars sing in hyperspace. It sounds like highly polished metal rubbed against highly polished metal. It’s both lyrical and teeth clenching all at once. Jarring even, like the galaxy wants to communicate, but only if an understanding got reached. It feels as if every star wants to make its presence known all at once byContinue reading “Jack Kelly Comes home”

Kharmic GooGoo

A brief moment, a thought, a connection to something that was promised to be gone and your chance at redemption vanishes. Feel it? Good. You now know you came from another place, a when. With this sudden intrusion, the warm post-birth glow you were feeling should be fading and you’ll note the arms of yourContinue reading “Kharmic GooGoo”

Trial of Futility

He is too late. The smell of the spell’s components linger a moment, cordite and cinnamon, then even that vanishes, leaving behind only the inevitable and the only option left, prayer. His mouth already moves ignoring intellectual objection. Stupidly, he seeks help from up high. A god, demon, something just slightly better would be fine.Continue reading “Trial of Futility”