The Legend of the Hessian Soldier

Four billion years ago a mold formed. It was the perfect circumstances for it to do so. Moist and warm with plenty of yeasty goodness to suck off jagged rock surroundings. Plenty in that there was no need for it before the mold. As the mold grew and devoured sugar movement in search of more sugar began.

Some mold began to die off. Murdered in fact by its fellows in the search for survival.

Dominance was expressed in what made the old successful,  eating enough sugar to produce offspring.  This continued when parents sought the necessary ingredients to further life. In furthering life the traits that made them successful accidentally rubbed off onto their kin.


Eventually the tools to be successful become more complex.

In time the single cells began to cooperate with one another.

They joined and reproduced traits to achieve various functions which allowed them to gather sugar more effectively.

Its hard to look at Tomas and see a single cell devouring sugar in the hopes of one day being the original progeny of this man.

So many little things collectively amounted to this process of his birth and  one day death where sometimes death meant forever with traits falling off after having been defeated in the struggle for life making billions of years of effort moot.

Moving fast down a cobbled lane, having confessed and taken communion, Tomas stands a good shoulder and head over most of the citizens of the German state of Hesse-Cassel.

He has been absolved of all sin and is ready for war. War against the next state over for the sugar both citizenry need to survive.


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