Life Begets Life

Astronaut Jack Kelly is an asshole. He is the type of handsome fuck that seems to have it all. All the ladies, toys and luck. He has been given the best education opportunities. Has the best attitude and now he has just become first to discover the origins of humanity.   Found God if youContinue reading “Life Begets Life”



The Cargo ship tips and faces the ocean it floats above with a sense of defiance. It loses, rumbling down the steep wave and crashing, submerging the bow before slamming back prone against the water. The movement brought everyone in the engine room looking for something to grab onto. Those lucky enough to find somethingContinue reading “Refuge”

The Legend of the Hessian Soldier

Four billion years ago a mold formed. It was the perfect circumstances for it to do so. Moist and warm with plenty of yeasty goodness to suck off jagged rock surroundings. Plenty in that there was no need for it before the mold. As the mold grew and devoured sugar movement in search of moreContinue reading “The Legend of the Hessian Soldier”

Remember Her

  “Do you remember the woman at the wedding, she gave that long speech. Cried the whole time?” my wife asked.  “Then danced the rest of the night?” “Yeah.” I acknowledged I did remember her. “She died.” I was shocked, It didn’t feel right. My memory of that woman and death did not fit together.Continue reading “Remember Her”