Why The Dead Smile

Why do you cheer? He’s dead. Now what? Ask yourself who will take his place. You? A nobody? A speck? Your heart is too pure. We need another monster, one meant to keep other monsters at bay. Maybe you are one, in the shadows, waiting, a thing that stirs knowing its day will arrive toContinue reading “Why The Dead Smile”


Afflicted by Elf

Man, first time out and you get afflicted by elf! That’s just bad luck. May Moradin relieve you of your burden! Does it hurt? The forest flitterings? The sparkles? The only thing I can think to suggest, maybe go to your mountain’s priest-guild. I am not too versed on their magics but I am positiveContinue reading “Afflicted by Elf”

For the Boy

This is a war story. He knows because he is surrounded by people in camo and in his ears are men screaming for help in between the pop of small arms fire. Patrols are always going out and not coming back. There is little he can do. He doesn’t send them out. He doesn’t pickContinue reading “For the Boy”

For the Road

Why do you even bother wiping shaving cream on your face? Do you think it matters? Think people will notice you’ve shorn off that one day’s worth of scruff?  Maybe you think your face looks more innocent without hair?  But you aren’t innocent, are you? Why don’t you take that razor and shove it deepContinue reading “For the Road”

Trial of Futility

He is too late. The smell of the spell’s components linger a moment, cordite and cinnamon, then even that vanishes, leaving behind only the inevitable and the only option left, prayer. His mouth already moves ignoring intellectual objection. Stupidly, he seeks help from up high. A god, demon, something just slightly better would be fine.Continue reading “Trial of Futility”