A nameless boy stares into the night sky. The moon, also known to some as Pheobe, glows speculative there and waxes the small world of his tribe into a new hunting season. The last before the snows come. An important one for the small band of sapiens if they are going to survive until theContinue reading “Nameless”

#159 Children’s Author Jess Rinker

Jess Rinker is the author of Gloria Takes a Stand, a picture book biography about Gloria Steinem, and the chapter book Out of Time: Lost on the Titanic. Her forthcoming titles include: Send a Girl: The Brenda Berkman Story, and her first middle-grade novels, The Dare Sisters duology. Origin: Stories on Creativity #159 Children’s AuthorContinue reading “#159 Children’s Author Jess Rinker”

Film Review: Jay Myself

Jay Myself made me cry hard. It’s a story about endings and how sometimes beginning can be a bit disappointing, especially when you are 88 and forced to live in Brooklyn. This is also about the city I love shoving its heart and soul away. Or in more technical terms- gentrification. Maisel is the centerContinue reading “Film Review: Jay Myself”

Joe Diabo’s Farewell

   Joe Diabo’s Farewell is an Andy Duncan novelette that provides a fascinating look at the long-gone New York City profession of sky-walker. “Don’t they build there all the time?” you might ask. And, “yes,” I’d say back, New York is a hell, filled with never-ending construction. One day they may have 3D print technologyContinue reading “Joe Diabo’s Farewell”

#96 Michael Burgan

Michael Burgan is a historian specializing in writing biographies and current events for younger audiences. His published works include Who Was Henry Ford?, Who Was Theodore Roosevelt?, Breaker Boys: How a Photograph Helped End Child Labor, and The Creation of the U.S. Constitution. Additionally, Burgan is also a playwright and studied at the University ofContinue reading “#96 Michael Burgan”

Mirage #29 Harry Turtledove w/ Brent Harris

  On episode 29 of Mirage, Brent Harris joins me to discuss Harry Turtledove. Harry Norman Turtledove is an American novelist, best known for his work in the genres of alternate history, historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. Brent A Harris is a Sidewise Award-nominated author of alternate history. He also writes science fiction, horror,Continue reading “Mirage #29 Harry Turtledove w/ Brent Harris”

Carnevale di Venezia

The Medico della peste mask is made of old white leather ripped from someone pure long ago, a body still bleeding, still screaming, left to hum with pain and agony. The thing buried under shadows in the mask crooks his finger. He crooks his finger at the belladonna with long brown hair that bounces inContinue reading “Carnevale di Venezia”

Mirage: #8 Mary Shelley W/ Varla Ventura

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on my other show Origin: Stories on Creativity.   Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Itunes   On this episode of Mirage Varla Ventura and I discuss Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley an English novelist, short story writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer, and travel writer, best known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein:Continue reading “Mirage: #8 Mary Shelley W/ Varla Ventura”

#30 Assaph Mehr

Subscribe on Itunes Sticher and Google play *** Assaph grew up stumbling over historical relics in Isreal. He now lives in Sydney, Australia avoiding drop bears and the poisonous… everything of the Australian tropics along with his wife Julia, four kids and two cats. By day he is a martial artist, software product manager, bridgingContinue reading “#30 Assaph Mehr”

#6 Frank Joseph

Frank Joseph is author of the “Chicago Trilogy.” “To love Mercy” (mention the podcast, and get a an autographed copy for just $10 and free shipping. “To Walk Humbly” a runner-up in the 2016 New Rivers Press novel contest “To Do Justice” a winner of the “Scintillating Starts” novel contest; read at: Visit Mr.Continue reading “#6 Frank Joseph”