Sebestian’s Walk

Part 1 Sebastian stands above the yawning maw of blackness that is now the New York City underground. The jagged crumbles around him once stood over the 96th street subway station. The street and building ripple back in a bilbao esque pile of asphalt. The underground entrance was built in the middle of Broadway duringContinue reading “Sebestian’s Walk”


Los Amigos ch. 1: A Boy Named Juan

Juan’s mother said he became a man when his brother was killed. The family called the older brother Guero, but his name was Jesus, he had long black hair that flowed in the wind. He had sharp cheekbones and black piercing eyes. He smiled all the time. He liked life and people liked having himContinue reading “Los Amigos ch. 1: A Boy Named Juan”

The Dunes pt. 3

Part 1 Part 2     The captain idles his mind with questions. What is it one does when death and destruction are the primary pursuits?. Where wealth is measured in lives and supplies? Where gold is mainly melted and worn because there are few places to spend it when one earns it in aContinue reading “The Dunes pt. 3”

The Dunes pt. 2

  Continued from part 1     And the boy comes. He crawls over the rusting haul. He notices small drifts of powdery sand. He sees chips of old paint. He feels the heat of the dying day on his sun blistered back.  He crawls into the shadow of the living decay. The boot ofContinue reading “The Dunes pt. 2”