She gets off the bus and stands at the curb. It’s cold but it should be colder. Where Houston is usually loud and Broadway impossible to cross it being Sunday negates both. The new day sun hurts so she turns away wondering again why she even bothers to come to the city. She’s seen allContinue reading “Houston”

Joe Diabo’s Farewell

   Joe Diabo’s Farewell is an Andy Duncan novelette that provides a fascinating look at the long-gone New York City profession of sky-walker. “Don’t they build there all the time?” you might ask. And, “yes,” I’d say back, New York is a hell, filled with never-ending construction. One day they may have 3D print technologyContinue reading “Joe Diabo’s Farewell”

A Marine

  He enlisted in the marines on the ninth of December 1941, two days after Pearl Harbor, while still drunk. His buddy Carl was so blasted the recruiter made him wait a day before joining up saying “This boy’s just too primed.” Peter McGrew joined the Marines not because they were the best, because theyContinue reading “A Marine”

Mickey D’s Coffee

I got asked how many creams I wanted in my coffee at a Mickey D’s in L.A. near a Dick’s sporting goods. I said, “six.” In New York all I gotta say is light and they know what’s up. It’s not like that anywhere else. This lady comes back, “six?!?” Started to second guess myself,Continue reading “Mickey D’s Coffee”

The R

The R pulled into Union. I followed a tall woman dressed in black onto the car. I stood at the front and scanned the passengers. To my left, two empty seats and a woman on whose head a colorful scarf sat. It had many shades but seemed red as a whole. She didn’t seem thatContinue reading “The R”

Remember Her

  “Do you remember the woman at the wedding, she gave that long speech. Cried the whole time?” my wife asked.  “Then danced the rest of the night?” “Yeah.” I acknowledged I did remember her. “She died.” I was shocked, It didn’t feel right. My memory of that woman and death did not fit together.Continue reading “Remember Her”