In This Moment

In this moment I have forgotten everything that makes me more then lance, sinew, bone and muscle.

I am my training.

I am the stinking sulphur-breath of a two thousand stone flying lizard.

I am the open black lipped rotten tooth maw.

I am the slick mist and wet stone.

The chill in the wind.

The dying day.

The rising grey tide of night.

I am more then the searing pain of fiery death.

I am more.

A warrior.

A life forfeit.

A moment in time, a snippet of lust, a lunge, a rasping breath, a broken body, a dying ember.

I am the ideal, a fleeting glory, a forgotten myth.

I am champion.

In this moment I serve only as savior.


( ART: “Against all odds – oil on canvas – 20×24 by: By Brit Martin 

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