Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction #22 Pirates w/ J.E. Purrazzi

  Pirates: On this episode of Mirage J.E. Purrazzi and I speculate on Pirates. Sail the high seas, soar through the wild blue yonder, and chart the depths of the Universe, but escape you will not because wherever ships and commerce converge, there be Pirates. *** Science Fiction Author J. E. Purrazzi lives in Florida withContinue reading “Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction #22 Pirates w/ J.E. Purrazzi”

The Dunes pt. 2

  Continued from part 1     And the boy comes. He crawls over the rusting haul. He notices small drifts of powdery sand. He sees chips of old paint. He feels the heat of the dying day on his sun blistered back.  He crawls into the shadow of the living decay. The boot ofContinue reading “The Dunes pt. 2”

The Dunes pt. 1

What kind of world is this, that a man who does not own himself can control a barge meant to kill and destroy? Be called captain? Command other men who do not own themselves? The masters are smart in that they do not dangle the promise of freedom from bondage, but the promise of freedomContinue reading “The Dunes pt. 1”