Tick-tick-tick, I count ticks, and wish I didn’t. I am at 90,000 when the security bell sounds, and the doors to the Death Wing clang open. I know it’s something for me. I am in the pre-execution holding cell, sometime tomorrow, I’m told, the governor will make his final decision on the matter of myContinue reading “Tick”


The conversation lulls and as if the quiet forces Gerard to break the silence he says, “I tried donating my stepson to Goodwill, shoved that little fuck right into the donation box. Not sure what we expected, but like a cockroach he crawled out and came home contaminated with bedbugs. Now we have two problemsContinue reading “Goodwill”


I stand in a small halo of yellow light cast from the single incandescent bulb swinging naked in the Gulf breeze. The light dangles from a black cord hung from the plywood ceiling covering the front porch. The house attached is not well maintained. Paint is a long forgotten memory here. The rustle of palmContinue reading “Jeffery”