King Sigmund cowers before the glowing serpent eyes as the dragon Fafnir raises out of the water, his form changing. Serpent no longer, now twisting into an obscene figure of a Jötunn. A sea giant with hands three times as big as the red sailed karves. His dark face is a great foaming tangle ofContinue reading “Sigmund”


Sibling Jealousy

“Nido is a little bitch,” the All-father mumbles as if having a bit of a debate with himself.   “Excuse me, ole father-of-men?” Olga was shocked to hear Odin speak so horribly about his little brother. The one-eyed god was drunk, though, that was obvious, so maybe it was forgivable.   “Nevermind Olga, my problemsContinue reading “Sibling Jealousy”

Angular Slave

I’ll likely never know what it takes to stand naked in the chillier days of March, under a star-strewn sky, pulling a God through a Euclidean plane. I’ll never know what she felt, working magic she was born to work. But I do know a slave never forgives its master, and neither will I forgiveContinue reading “Angular Slave”

Brass Therapy

A red would not tolerate such blatant disrespect. No, Perseida thinks as the tinkle of her brass scales announce a sudden itch she works with a clawed foot. No, a red would tromp on out there and take the man’s head as an appetizer. Yet she doesn’t because whatever deed brought them here some bardContinue reading “Brass Therapy”

The Lonely Battlefield

Only history will note the lonely battleground. The once bloody field where hero’s faced demons, and death loomed impossible and always for someone else, where rotting corpse and rusting weapon sink into the bog forgotten forever, where courage is fleeting and cowardice dies a long lonely death. No pen can do justice to the sacrificesContinue reading “The Lonely Battlefield”


The kender looks like an elf mated with a squirrel. This result is a constantly fidgeting concoction with red-tinged fur covered pudgy cheeks and a tendency to steal- everything. The one thankful absence is a tail. Even without Arnold wishes, again, he could just kill the manic creature and be done with it. The reasonContinue reading “Crowded”

Pieces of a Dragon

Leon falls through the flame weakened floor. It’s completely his fault. He wasn’t paying attention, which, unfortunately, as an investigator for the FDNY, is his job. Paying attention and seeing minute details mitigates danger. It’s why he makes big-boy money and gets to think maybe this is his last year in New Suck City. ThereContinue reading “Pieces of a Dragon”

The Man With No Class

Sven is a good looking guy who people say smells nice. A little like musk and tuber. It’s pretty much all he has going for him. He can smile and be nonoffensive in a closed in space. With the threat of his looming dark side always there, he’ll take what he can get. On thisContinue reading “The Man With No Class”