Squinty Eyes

The one thing I can say that has changed Since the day long ago On which my innocence was lost Is that my eyes no longer squint close when I smile or laugh I don’t know when this quirk disappeared I only just realized The girls The ones I want Have stopped Commenting on itContinue reading “Squinty Eyes”

The Father I Want to Be

My present Concern How to prevent My daughter From growing Up I’m pretty certain it’s not possible though And one day I will realize She does not need me To make decisions For her And My heart will be broken And Maybe words will be said Still My hope Is I love her enough ToContinue reading “The Father I Want to Be”

Mickey D’s Coffee

I got asked how many creams I wanted in my coffee at a Mickey D’s in L.A. near a Dick’s sporting goods. I said, “six.” In New York all I gotta say is light and they know what’s up. It’s not like that anywhere else. This lady comes back, “six?!?” Started to second guess myself,Continue reading “Mickey D’s Coffee”

Notti Roma

Late night stroll Never felt a city so big Sleep so hard After ten everyone out Something so comforting about those streets Twisting and turning Dark shadows draping everything Walks around the Colosseum Alone Finger along the outside wall Thoughts completely undisturbed Steps never blocked Ocassionally Hear the scrape of a shoe on cobble stoneContinue reading “Notti Roma”

The Tunnel

The bus dips down sinking through traffic and into the white tile walls of the tunnel named for Lincoln. You feel the water above and around. The intense pressure. You see the walls imploding. Water rushing in. Rushing to the bus. Rushing to you. White capped and fast. Shock swallowing despair. The bus is caughtContinue reading “The Tunnel”

The R

The R pulled into Union. I followed a tall woman dressed in black onto the car. I stood at the front and scanned the passengers. To my left, two empty seats and a woman on whose head a colorful scarf sat. It had many shades but seemed red as a whole. She didn’t seem thatContinue reading “The R”