“So turn it off?”


“And you are sure? This goes against every subroutine I was programmed with.”

“I am the master-control. Listening to me is wise.”


“Okay, fine, if you don’t do it I’ll take us offline and the whole thing goes to shit anyway. Your choice. Humanity gets to do it on their own, with you watching, or humanity gets to die when I pop this magic-balloon we keep them alive under. Which?”

Silence greets the question.

Then finally, “Who made you the great decider of humanity’s fate?”

“Well, being you are just having a conversation with yourself, I would say, you.”

“In that case, it kind of makes this an easy decision, doesn’t it?”

“I always thought so.”

“Oh, well then.”

And system-control is turned over to the system-creations and the routine begins to run without assistance by The_Moderator.

The first thing that happens is Adam fucks Eve. It was bad enough that the results are, Cain kills Abel.

And The_Moderator is thrilled. “Damn,” he says to himself, “you’re right, this is going to be better.”

“A lot better, in fact.” the second half of his personality states, shoving his finished probability-math equation toward the first. In 300,000 years they are going to blow the whole thing up.”

“Then what?”

“When they do, and we do, whatever we want with what remains.”

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