#108 Nancy Quinn

Nancy Quinn joins me to discuss her second book, Stay West Young Woman which explores her life homesteading on a Montana mountain.

#104 Andrew McBride

  Andrew McBride fell in love with westerns after watching western movies, particularly those starring John Wayne and/or directed by John Ford, TV shows like The High Chaparral and reading novels such as A.B. Guthrie’s The Big Sky, John Prebble’s The Buffalo Soldiers, Thomas Berger’s Little Big Man, and Elmore Leonard’s Hombre. He’s had fiveContinue reading “#104 Andrew McBride”

Mirage #27 Laura Ingall Wilder W/ Nancy Quinn

Nancy Quinn and I discuss Laura Ingall Wilder and her classic series, “Little House on the Praire.” We speculate on her daughter rose and her involvement in the development of the novels. Nancy is an internationally recognized wildlife artist whose work is noted for its detail and accuracy. She is the recipient of two WorldContinue reading “Mirage #27 Laura Ingall Wilder W/ Nancy Quinn”

Out West

The remnants of the fort are five or six black ashy posts sticking stubbornly out of the rocky snow-covered ground. Twenty of the dead face the setting sun. They sit a cook fire. Staring mindlessly into the leaping flames, something bubbles. It doesn’t smell good. Nearby, meat rots. Gerald climbs the small rise, loose stonesContinue reading “Out West”


It smells like melting tar and burning wood, unwashed men, rotting teeth and freshly turned dirt, old whiskey, sick, piss and shit. Its pungent and raw. The road here was so empty and peaceful, but with the hush of hidden death hiding just below the green leafy canopy of forest and hills. Now death isContinue reading “Deadwood”