Billie Wayne Coble

Today I am intrigued by the idea of executed-killer Billie Wayne Coble’s [BWC] military record. Vietnam marine vet and that’s all I could learn. Kills people for his country, comes home kills three more people before being put to death a week or so ago. His victims didn’t ask to die. But I am sureContinue reading “Billie Wayne Coble”

Tam’s Soul

In this life, Tam Duc is eighty-five years old, weighs thirty-eight kilograms and travels from the Northern island of Cát Bà, to Năm Căn on the one leg remaining after meeting a French landmine 72 years ago. It is a journey of 2000 kilometers. Năm Căn is nothing more than the Southernmost tip of Vietnam.Continue reading “Tam’s Soul”

Tunnel Rats

They were the fodder of the infantry, the little boots, the walking dead. Eleven bang bangs, through and through, but guys with almost no hope of going back home. Maybe the infantry was filled with the illiterate, criminals, the roughened variety. And maybe these men were all of that and more, but they were alsoContinue reading “Tunnel Rats”