#130 Sarah Blake

Origin: Stories on Creativity #130 nature conservation author Sarah Blake

#129 N.J. Cartner

On episode 129 of Origin, Author   N.J. Cartner

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Missed Buses

The heat from the Santiago city bus assaults her face as it zooms away. She lowers her hand still in its futile desperate wave hoping to gain the driver’s attention. Sadly she knows she had succeeded but the driver just scoffed at her while shoving the gear-selector into second before leaving them in a cloudContinue reading “Missed Buses”

Old Times

At sixty she got stuck with a mind that refused to function like it should. A mind that forgot more then it retained. Yet everyday she thinks of France. She fantasizes about fresh baked baguettes smeared with soft creamy brie, and rude waiters talking down to her as if being American was a disease. “We should go.”Continue reading “Old Times”