Decisions were Made

The machine folds light and sweeps along its wave to the moment that has been indicated. It is beautiful, this journey. The spectrum of colors sweeping by outside the hatch, amazing enough to affect dreams for a lifetime. Not that the pilot would know, though, for the engineers who designed this machine chose not toContinue reading “Decisions were Made”

#86 Ira Nayman

Ira Nayman is Sci-Fi humorist and author of five novels published through Elsewhen Press and his eighth collection will be available soon. His Masters in Media Studios was conducted entirely online through Paul Levinson’s Connect Ed. he also holds a Ph.D. in Communications from McGill. He has worked as an editor and submitted content to AmazingContinue reading “#86 Ira Nayman”

The Light

“You murdered your son?” The killer’s name is Samuel Kaine and the muscles in his jaw bunch behind his once ginger beard. He is thinking through his answer. Tabitha can see him circling the same lie he’s been using for decades while undressing her with his hungry angry eyes. Tabitha is not very noticeable underContinue reading “The Light”