The Beast

Toman grips the ax handle. Both fists go white with the tension. The veins running up and down both labor strengthened arms stand proud. He can smell her on the air. A bouquet so familiar it reminds him of home and childhood, spicy, but sweet and a bit savory, it mixes with the creatures muskContinue reading “The Beast”

# 81 Jillanne Purrazzi

  Science Fiction Author J. E. Purrazzi lives in Florida with her husband, and two cats, and gallons upon gallons of fish tanks. She is the author of the Malfunction series which won the first round of the indie shore contest ( Her newest effort “The Raventree Society: Season One, Episode One: The Strawberry LaneContinue reading “# 81 Jillanne Purrazzi”

Mirage #10 Neil Gaiman w/ Chris Herron

*** Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on my other show Origin: Stories on Creativity. Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Itunes *** Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman is an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and films. *** Chris Herron is a is a voice actor. A graphic artist.Continue reading “Mirage #10 Neil Gaiman w/ Chris Herron”