Married to a Creature From Space

Mr. Orten, please, one second. So, your wife is in the middle of delivering your children. Yes, yes, thank you for the cigar, but you’re a little short. What do I mean? Well, just to be blunt, did you know that you were married to a creature from space? No. Okay, well I guess youContinue reading “Married to a Creature From Space”


#140 Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Jessica’s motto is: Adventure first, then write! When not running around exploring nature, she chases multiple versions of herself and feeds furry babies. She is also the author of Walk Your Path, The Golden Rule, The Embracing Entropy Series, My Family Is Different and more. She works as a columnist for LitReactor Magazine & Witch Way Magazine, and is aContinue reading “#140 Jessica Marie Baumgartner”

Fanning Through the Universe

When does reality breakdown? For Kristen it’s when he turns the living room ceiling fan off. Normal activity. Get up from couch at bequest of oldman. Reach normal adult male hand out to the switch. Grasp and twist and yet when the fan should stop the room begins to spin. Kristen would vomit but whatContinue reading “Fanning Through the Universe”