Machine before Man

They announce imminent death. The choices are: pray or fix it. John Boon decides on the second option and a third. “The fuck’d this gas giant come from?” he screams at Houston, Lunar-base-Earth. “Sorry, Johnny, bad math.” He cocks his fist but refrains from hitting his instruments. Boon knows the voice isn’t human. It’s theContinue reading “Machine before Man”


#40 Brian Converse

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on other shows like Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction and my vlog: Old Walks Dog Subscribe on itunes: Subscribe on stitcher Brian Converse has a four hour commute back and forth to work, which is tough, but he uses it to his advantage— to write his speculative fiction.Continue reading “#40 Brian Converse”

#24 Jasper Hamill

    Jasper is Tech and science editor for the The Sun. He loves conspiracy theories and thinking beyond whats possible. This conversation made my imagination soar. I felt bad for Jasper, because everything he said made me want to tell him stories. Lots and lots of stories. Thankfully he was raised in London EnglandContinue reading “#24 Jasper Hamill”

The Dunes pt. 3

Part 1 Part 2     The captain idles his mind with questions. What is it one does when death and destruction are the primary pursuits?. Where wealth is measured in lives and supplies? Where gold is mainly melted and worn because there are few places to spend it when one earns it in aContinue reading “The Dunes pt. 3”

The Dunes pt. 2

  Continued from part 1     And the boy comes. He crawls over the rusting haul. He notices small drifts of powdery sand. He sees chips of old paint. He feels the heat of the dying day on his sun blistered back.  He crawls into the shadow of the living decay. The boot ofContinue reading “The Dunes pt. 2”

…and Then Things Go Boom

It takes twenty-two minutes for a ballistic missile to reach its intended target. From launch to explosion. The population of the targeted country probably wouldn’t even know until after millions of people have already died that an attack has been initiated. Take Robert Conroy the third: He is watching the Yankees lose to the Mets.Continue reading “…and Then Things Go Boom”


Benjamin stands at what use to be the 23rd street entrance to the FDR. The salty air from the tidal estuary, that was once known as the East river, is fresh and inviting. He wishes he could just go for a little swim. Time is against that desire though. Benjamin is tall for his age,Continue reading “Benjamin”

The Rover

The rover had been given the command to stop five minutes ago. The new command was take and send a photo. All of the engineers waited. A quiet developed loud in its intensity. They have to wait five more minutes for the image to arrive. One of the junior air force guys tries to whisper,Continue reading “The Rover”

Hermes II

A transport ship swings down and enters the first runway gate. It moves slow. Its two plasma engines glowing a dull yellow. The craft’s designation on the grey hull is written in chipped white paint, it reads SF 92/902. A little boy sits on his daddy’s shoulders watching. He asks, “is that them?” The boyContinue reading “Hermes II”

Progeny of Daisy

Retired Navy Captain John Kelly has started his one hundred and twenty-seventh day in space. He has not slept in many weeks and needs to aim the surgical scalpel a second time at the matured plant in front of him, red leaf romaine. While doing so he hums a flat tone. The same tone heContinue reading “Progeny of Daisy”