For the Man Not There

  1. NASA Engineer-First-Class Arnold Francesca hears a beep and takes his eyes from the deepest recesses of the ion engine and looks down at the LCD hologram display. In the environment of his EVS, the image is crisp and readable. His eyes flick past the generic mission data that reminds him of what itContinue reading “For the Man Not There”

Married to a Creature From Space

Mr. Orten, please, one second. So, your wife is in the middle of delivering your children. Yes, yes, thank you for the cigar, but you’re a little short. What do I mean? Well, just to be blunt, did you know that you were married to a creature from space? No. Okay, well I guess youContinue reading “Married to a Creature From Space”

An Announcement

“Hey Donald, Come check this out.” Donald groans annoyed, and instead brushes at the crumbs of waxy chocolate that fell from the cheap swiss-roll now sitting as sludge in his tummy. The other engineer, Harrison Feynman, nephew and nepotism hire- as a favor to a great man’s daughter- has spent countless hours running on aContinue reading “An Announcement”

Angular Slave

I’ll likely never know what it takes to stand naked in the chillier days of March, under a star-strewn sky, pulling a God through a Euclidean plane. I’ll never know what she felt, working magic she was born to work. But I do know a slave never forgives its master, and neither will I forgiveContinue reading “Angular Slave”

Daddy Issues

“You know what’s stupid?” “What?” “This ship,” Bruno screeches as the shuttle shimmies in response to a psionic shock wave. He jerks the control stick to avoid a cephalopod tentacle and the Errant Knight barrel-rolls to the starboard. “Any other design we’d be invisible.” “But we’re not and go fuck yourself.’ For Lei, this shipContinue reading “Daddy Issues”

#123 Sci Fi author E.B Dawson

    On episode 123 Sci Fi author E.B Dawson joins me to talk about her work and creativity. E.B Dawson Website: Twitter:  Tweets by ebdawsonwriting *** Music on this episode courtesy of: Kevin MacLeod Mountain Emperor *** Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on my other show Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction.Continue reading “#123 Sci Fi author E.B Dawson”

#116 A.F. Stewart

Origin: Stories on Creativity #116 Horror Author A.F. Stewart. On episode 116 of Origin, Horror Author A.F. Stewart Visit for links to subscribe. On episode 116 of Origin, A.F. Stewart talks with me about being a steadfast and proud sci-fi and fantasy geek. She was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada and stillContinue reading “#116 A.F. Stewart”