Keray’s Little Lie

Moradin’s fecking son, Keray what’s that on your nethers, eh? Oh, tis a new style, it is, tis called armor ain’t it. You are bloody cracked son. Oh feckin feck, Perdyi, ye too? Wot? Yon cods wear’in a duck skull. Did you ell him about style Keray. Aye he knows. Keray? Yes Perdyi. This ain’tContinue reading “Keray’s Little Lie”


A wicked black thing, blowing grey smoke, screams through fluffy white clouds. Blobs of muscle move along the deck. The glint of sun on sharp metal and the chant of a war song announce intent. It’s the Rever. An orc run skyship known for dealing out death. The reason for never taking shortcuts. The oldContinue reading “Airship”