#30 Assaph Mehr

Subscribe on Itunes Sticher and Google play *** Assaph grew up stumbling over historical relics in Isreal. He now lives in Sydney, Australia avoiding drop bears and the poisonous… everything of the Australian tropics along with his wife Julia, four kids and two cats. By day he is a martial artist, software product manager, bridgingContinue reading “#30 Assaph Mehr”


Notti Roma

Late night stroll Never felt a city so big Sleep so hard After ten everyone out Something so comforting about those streets Twisting and turning Dark shadows draping everything Walks around the Colosseum Alone Finger along the outside wall Thoughts completely undisturbed Steps never blocked Ocassionally Hear the scrape of a shoe on cobble stoneContinue reading “Notti Roma”


Diocletian abdicated the Roman throne. Voluntarily. He stepped down and retired to a country home in Croatia. He left Rome to the Romans and so did the army he bought from the barbarian tribes to the East and West. Whole companies just turned their backs on the empire of empires and went home. Pantea leftContinue reading “Pantea”