#112 Lynn Lawler

On episode 112 of Origin, writer Lynn Lawler joins me doing life your way and writing for a LGBTQ audience. Lynn Lawler‘s stories are greatly inspired by LGBT themes with deep felt emotion and rich characters. Each live out their dynamic lives and find themselves in the rich imaginations of those who love to readContinue reading “#112 Lynn Lawler”

Divorced by a Vortal

They fight. They fight because she’s a bitch and he’s a “weak piece of shit with penis envy.” In the light streaming from the dashboard, Gordo’s Face looks purple, and the little squiggly green vein in the center of his forehead pulses. Martha hopes, God, Martha wishes, it would fucking explode. She pictures blood drippingContinue reading “Divorced by a Vortal”

A Marine

  He enlisted in the marines on the ninth of December 1941, two days after Pearl Harbor, while still drunk. His buddy Carl was so blasted the recruiter made him wait a day before joining up saying “This boy’s just too primed.” Peter McGrew joined the Marines not because they were the best, because theyContinue reading “A Marine”