The evening smells like jasmine and a thin reminder cinnamon was an ingredient in dinner. Warm air and lilac clouds, even at midnight, remind her the sun never wants to set on Nippon. These are the perfect conditions for what she intends, revenge and she sniffs again.


An Attack on the Heart

With maniacal laughter, George Talbert slices through another tree. His fat arms quiver exhausted and the chainsaw buzzes mad, as if on the verge of breaking down. Talbert has felled about fifty trees so far. A whole livelihood of maples in fact. The air is pungent with revenge, sweet-sweet mapley revenge. The tall tree begins to fallContinue reading “An Attack on the Heart”

Famous Last Words

The old orc stands, turning milky-blind eyes toward the intruder. He wrinkles his nose smelling the air. “Do I know you human?’ he snarls. ‘Have I tasted your blood?” The epic of the knight’s life has lead him here. “Speak!” Grunk takes a step, a withered left leg fails him. His ancient face scrunches inContinue reading “Famous Last Words”