Once in Love

Everyting ends Which is sad but remember It is also a new Beginning so Buck up little soldier The battle continues

Tunnel Rats

They were the fodder of the infantry, the little boots, the walking dead. Eleven bang bangs, through and through, but guys with almost no hope of going back home. Maybe the infantry was filled with the illiterate, criminals, the roughened variety. And maybe these men were all of that and more, but they were alsoContinue reading “Tunnel Rats”

Rare Earth

“Twelve billion dollars to shovel dirt.” “And finding the first Martian fossil? Priceless! Wouldn’t want to give that honor to Rover Two, now would we Commander Martin?” Tony Martin has a PhD in astrobiology from Cambridge and one of the worst attitudes in the space program. “Come on Bruce, you know life does not existContinue reading “Rare Earth”