A Little Clowning

At night I feel free The blissful roar of traffic The slowly coagulating blood on my fingers The faint stirs of life under my knees The whispered pleading Life completed Le sigh Victims come and go, but you look like you could use a laugh. Would you like to laugh with me? How about aContinue reading “A Little Clowning”



Live to breathe Breathe to live One without the other and there would be nothing Nothing may be something something is always nothing Tangibility touching holding feeling having this is not breath breath is gone before the mind can tolerate the thought of not having it Life is what was what is never what couldContinue reading “Breathe”


Peter grew strawberries Not on purpose On coincidence they developed into plump juicy fruit every Spring From April through May They bunched up in a corner of his yard, the northwest corner, where the sun always shone from rise to set Well Shown in the  Pacific North West way where light makes it day instead ofContinue reading “Strawberries”