Pizza is Lucky

Pizza is lucky When pizza is created it goes on a grand journey of self discovery It ends up as something completely different then how it started Maybe pizza can be a metaphor for the journey never truly stops and an ending is actually a new beginning From the combination of flour and water and …


Elements of Him

  The Soul Consciousness Awareness of the self Chemicals Nerves response Muscles A brain Eyes Sight The senses The physical The astral The essence of being Preclusion of death The threat of nothing. The end of what The bobbing sense of here The same The now The was The will  


    This is primal. Think prehistory. Of living in a cave. Of staring at the star dotted sky. Of trying to understand the sudden explosive glory of a comet and the lunacy of living on a gravity well in the middle of a gas cloud only ninety-two million miles from a controlled nuclear explosion. …