Joe Diabo’s Farewell

   Joe Diabo’s Farewell is an Andy Duncan novelette that provides a fascinating look at the long-gone New York City profession of sky-walker. “Don’t they build there all the time?” you might ask. And, “yes,” I’d say back, New York is a hell, filled with never-ending construction. One day they may have 3D print technologyContinue reading “Joe Diabo’s Farewell”


Sebastian’s Baby

A dusty brown sky lays on the horizon. It’s a day like yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. Maybe it’s been decades. Maybe the sky was never blue and the air never warm. Maybe life was always this steamy hot, bleak emptiness. Sebastian isn’t sure. He is a day toContinue reading “Sebastian’s Baby”

Sebestian’s Walk

Part 1 Sebastian stands above the yawning maw of blackness that is now the New York City underground. The jagged crumbles around him once stood over the 96th street subway station. The street and building ripple back in a bilbao esque pile of asphalt. The underground entrance was built in the middle of Broadway duringContinue reading “Sebestian’s Walk”

The Tunnel

The bus dips down sinking through traffic and into the white tile walls of the tunnel named for Lincoln. You feel the water above and around. The intense pressure. You see the walls imploding. Water rushing in. Rushing to the bus. Rushing to you. White capped and fast. Shock swallowing despair. The bus is caughtContinue reading “The Tunnel”

Saved Forever

On the third floor of a condemned building in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan you put a needle in your arm. Inside the needle’s bulb is black liquid, melted tar, heroin, a cheap high, five bucks a gram. You flash the bulb with a drop or two of your blood, it make no differenceContinue reading “Saved Forever”