A Soldier’s End

Once, their blood ran hot. It ran and ran and ran and no one could stop it. They died doing things they wished they never had to do. They were forced by point of gun to achieve whatever ridiculous thing that was asked. Take that hill, defend this bridge, shoot that way. Suppress, suppress, suppress,Continue reading “A Soldier’s End”

The Thing that Maria is

White phosphorous stains the mind in suffering. First It sticks to the uniform then melts through to the skin, muscle, bone, and from bone to death, leaving nothing but hot white ash. Fucking Brody put that in her head and she thinks about it now as she drives her M8 out onto the muddy plantainContinue reading “The Thing that Maria is”

#22 L. Todd Wood

L. Todd Wood flew missions for Seal Team 6 and Delta Force. He has experience in finance and national security, along with a passion for history, and is the author of four historical thrillers, several short stories and is a sought-after security and political analyst by media outlets in America and overseas. His website: http://ltoddwood.com/Continue reading “#22 L. Todd Wood”

Basic Manipulation

Humans are malleable with the right amount of abuse. The right amount, too much and pop, too little and nothing. Sergeant First Class Robertson prides himself on knowing when the right amount of abuse has been reached. He has a stern face. He’s divorced. His red rimmed eyes are always angry. Many people wish himContinue reading “Basic Manipulation”

The tale of Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez

The losses were negligible. Two hundred and twenty-two U.S. Marines gave their souls to take Red Beach, a swath of land 3000 yards long and a 1000 deep. They killed 1300 Korean enemies claiming the Korean city of Incheon. The land earned its nickname that day. The United Nation commanders were probably real proud asContinue reading “The tale of Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez”

Space Marine

Harold fingers the button behind his ear but decides not yet. Maybe he can make it tonight without it. Maybe the last time was in fact the last time. Maybe he won’t have to remember, he hopes, even as the memories begin to drip into his thoughts. Harold is a veteran. He fought on Europa.Continue reading “Space Marine”