#63 Marcus Kwame Anderson

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on my other show Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction. Subscribe on itunes Subscribe on stitcher Marcus Kwame Anderson. was was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and lives in upstate New York. He creates art that is a representation of the beauty and diversity of the African Diaspora. Website: ContactContinue reading “#63 Marcus Kwame Anderson”

#46 Lex San Returns

*** Subscribe to Origin:Stories on Creativity: on YouTube on itunes: Subscribe on stitcher *** Alexander Santos lives in Olympia Washington he is famous for drop bears and pin up girls and for his ghost buster logos When he isn’t doing work as a graphic artist, he does animation Illustrations and script work. His portfolio canContinue reading “#46 Lex San Returns”

#42 Christine Larsen

  Originating from the Pine Barrens of central Jersey, Christine is a Harvey Award Nominated cartoonist and Illustrator, creating art for comics, book covers, stories, posters and websites. She has worked with clients such as Dark Horse, IDW, BOOM Studios, DC Online, Saatchi & Saatchi, Simon & Scheuster and Cartoon Network. She is also anContinue reading “#42 Christine Larsen”

#41 Cedric Hohnstadt

  Cedric Hohnstadt is an Illustrator. cartoonist. He designs characters and toys. A few years ago he challenged himself to do a sketch a day and his project ‘Sketchpad Silliness’ was born. He devotes about ten hours of his work week to a project filled with fantastic images and dad jokes. *** Illustration studio: http://www.cedricstudio.comContinue reading “#41 Cedric Hohnstadt”

#21 Lex San

I met Alexander Santos in Olympia Washington while working at a horrible job at a call center. Nobody should have to work at a call center. He recognized that first. He he is famous for drop bears and pin up girls and for his ghost busters logos When he doing work as a graphic artist,Continue reading “#21 Lex San”